Intellectual property rights are increasingly becoming a significant asset for most companies. This requires specialist advice

Access to qualified advice about how to establish and secure rights, including brand names, designs, and copyrights, is often crucial if the company’s value is to be secure. Similarly, a clear strategy is essential for the management of disputes where intellectual property rights are infringed.

The professionals at Hejm Vilsgaard Advokater advise about the protection of intellectual property rights in accordance with your specific commercial requirements. We have particular experience in the registration of brand names, the drafting of licencing agreements, and the management of web domain complaints.

Advice in the area of intellectual property rights may involve:

  • Patents
  • Brand names
  • Copyright
  • Design
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Drafting of licencing agreements
  • Management of web domain complaints

Do you need assistance in the negotiation, execution, and interpretation of rights agreements?

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