Hejm Vilsgaard Advokater

Our firm consists of specialist business lawyers. We provide expert advice nationally and internationally in matters where we are the experts.
That’s why you can expect extensive service, a no-nonsense approach, and solution-based models rather than conflict.

What are you up against?

Contact one of our specialist business lawyers for a no-strings-attached discussion about your case.
If you then decide that you would like to obtain our advice, we will in most cases be able to give you an estimate of the likely cost.

(+45) 7930 1710

Offices in Aarhus

Hejm Vilsgaard Advokater,
Søndergade 74, 5., DK-8000 Aarhus C*

*Please direct all correspondence to this postal address

Offices in Vejle

Hejm Vilsgaard Advokater,
Advice House, Lysholt Allé 10, DK-7100 Vejle

Representative offices

Incuba, Åbogade 15, DK-8200 Aarhus N