How do you go from an idea to an actual company? How do you attract capital from investors, banks, business angels, and venture funds? What is the value of an ownership agreement?

Startups are one of the areas of specialisation at Hejm Vilsgaard Advokater. This is what drives us. We know the opportunities and pitfalls of starting your own company, regardless whether you are starting from scratch or taking over an existing company.

We assist you through the process with input and advice, allowing you to establish a sound basis for growth and success. Thanks to our broad experience, we also advise about other areas in need of attention, including matters involving employees, intellectual property rights, and partnership agreements.

We have particular experience in the establishment of social enterprises and the associated opportunities and challenges, partly in connection with the Corporate Social Responsibility scheme and partly in connection with alternative organisational structures, including associations and funds/foundations.

Typical core services for startups:

  • Advice on company type and starting a company
  • Advice on corporate structure, holding companies, etc
  • Drafting of ownership agreements
  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Drafting of investment contracts
  • Advice on intellectual property rights and collaborative agreements
  • Advice for social enterprises

Do you need to confer with us about entrepreneurship and startups?

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